Since 2006

Since 2006, MSPI has been the only paranormal deliverance team in the Mid-South that people turn to when it comes to negative haunts. It is our specialty. In many cases, we are the clients last line of defense against such hauntings.

We are a Christian based team,  and though we use simple methods in our investigations, we are not like television ghosts hunters, at all.
We use an investigation and documentation process that offers, not only proof of your activity , but the hope of removal of these negative entities through the power of prayer and the biblical rite of demonic cleansing through the shed blood and the ressurection of Jesus Christ, by whom all spirits, good and bad are subject .
It may sound extreme, but when it comes to a clients safety, we face our clients claims and fears head on.

Most teams avoid the term "demonic", but we stand firm in the faith, dedicated to the help and encouragement of those afflicted by negative paranormal phenomenon. If you're scared, we're the people to contact.

We believe open invitations or communication with the dead via quija boards, tarot cards, and spirit boxes,  is forbidden by scripture. We have done some of this in the past, (spirit boxes), but came to realize this was wrong.
Repented of, turned from, and forgiven. Praise God!!!​

Steve, a theology major, is spiritually equipped and trained to deal with negative entities, as long as the client is willing to be open minded to the sacred teachings of Holy Scripture. In some rare cases, we have had to resort to Christian rite of exorcism.

Our goal is to help you to understand not only what you are dealing with, but how it was introduced into your environment, and the correct way to deal with it.

If you're not satisfied with past investigations, contact Mid South Paranormal Investigation

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